Power Of Linkwheel For SEO

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Experience The Power Of Linkwheels For Search Engine Optimization

Linkwheels are becoming more and more popular as a secret super technique for search engines marketers. They have the potential to take a website to greater rankings and rank stability. Linkwheels are recent phenomenon which take the search engine marketing scene by storm and is much talked about in search engines circle and seo forums.

What exactly are linkwheels?

Example Of A 6 Spoke Linkwheel

Linkwheels consist of a set of Web 2.0 properties interlinked in a manner which appears as a “wheel” structure, all promoting a main page on the web which is the focus of that particular “wheel”. Each web property contains a link to the “main hub” and the other ‘neighbor’ as you can see in the image, the arrows representing links.

Most of the common web 2.0 properties used are Quizilla, Blogger, Weebly, MrWong, Squidoo, Twitter, Mixx, Jumptags etc. The list is endless and you can find most other web 2.0 properties on your own.

The main page need not be the site main url, it could be any other pages residing on the site. Thus the power of linkwheels! They can be used to propel any inside pages with the juice and authority from the web 2.0 properties!

Although linwheels are powerful SEO tool for ranking your website, they are time consuming to create and could eat up all the hours which could otherwise be spend more efficiently on other marketing campaigns. It would be better if the process could be automated as much as possible to free up more of your time.

RankBuilder enables you to do just that! Rank Builder SEO software could automate the process of linkwheels creation!

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