Heavy Duty Industrial Strength SEO Power

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What if YOU could become the 800 pound gorilla in YOUR niche, practically over- night?

What if you could bend the web by getting your content and affiliate links out to THOUSANDS of prospects, while rocketing your properties to the top of Google?

Well now you can, and it’s easier than you think. Much easier:

Here’s what I mean:

But first a question: Would you rather buy traffic or own the source of the traffic?

If you answered “own the source”, then we are thinking along the same lines. And the only way to own the source is to secure prominent positioning in front of the prospects, aka high rankings on Google and wide spanning distribution on social networks…

There is no big secret here, you need to get your content out across hundreds of websites that point back to you AND you create massive backlinks while doing this, driving your position up in Google. This is the ONLY way to double dip into the vast pools of free traffic available for those willing to grab it…

This Is Real Hard and Time Consuming! Yes it certainly can be, but it doesn’t have to.

If you are seeing yourself writing hundreds of articles by hand, creating profiles and accounts on all those sites, submitting your content manually and all that jazz you may be feeling…

Exhausted before you even start!

But it doesn’t need to be that way… You see, super affiliate and SEO Magnate Alex Goad has just released his private tool for massive Search Engine Domination.

Here is a sneak quick rank builder review:

- Automatically create sites on close to 50 powerful web 2.0 properties AND fill them with your content and links with push button automation (it even does the captcha breaking and account verification for you!)

- Creates profiles with backlinks on over 700 high PR and page rank forums

- Creates super powerful “link wheels” on demand

- Makes RSS feeds out of your content and blasts it to the top RSS directories, creating links for you at every single post

- Submits your spun articles to directories quickly and effortlessly

- And a lot more…

In fact, this thing is like having a team of Steroid Injected SEO Goons on call to do your bidding 24/7!

And that’s not even all.

Just for giving this a try, Alex is also giving you his Tweet Assassin Software, a full featured twitter automation suite he hasn’t even put on the market yet.

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